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Massage is a very old healing method whereby the healing capacity of the hands can be used. Every human being needs and want health, wealth and harmony of spirit and body. Massage is an universal method already known by shaman’s and healers of the old tribes. Massage activate the blood circulation, the lymphatic glands, the intestines, digestion, rejuvenation of the cells and is also relaxing and working on a deeper level, the level of the chakra’s, acupuncture spots and reflex zones. A Moxa treatment on the acupuncture spots charges them with extra energy and enhance the effect of the massage.

For all who are looking for it: No Sex!

Shantala massage and intuitive energetic massage

Shantala Massage is a gentle technique. Your body is treated with soft strokes and gentle pressure. Shantala massage is like a warm bath,relaxing and vitalising.

50.00 euro per uur


Hands on massage

Is a short massage on a special chair and based on traditonal Japanese acupressure techniques, shiatsu and ayurvedic massage. It helps to prevent RSI and stress, enhance the condition and the blood circulation, your stress management awareness.

  • Easy to deliver anywhere – workplace, airport, film set, care home, exhibition, party, work event, conference
  • virtually no preparation time & little space required
  • simple and cost effective
  • promotes corporate health and wellbeing
  • increases stress management awareness
  • reduces work related stress or injuries.
  • ideal for special events and exhibitions
No oils are used and you remain fully clothed and seated in an ergonomic massage chair.Treatment times vary from 5 to 30 mins

For business on location:

wellness and managing health care costs are increasingly becoming a key component to a growing number of employer's overall business strategy. Even in a down economy, you can implement a low- or no-cost wellness program in your company. Tough economic times can wear on employees and increase stress and illness. Provide on-site massage and exercise. Don't let your company wellness program be another victim of the recession. By building up your wellness efforts now, your company -- and your employees -- will be ship-shape when a healthier economy returns.

Occasionally, for special events
€ 60,- per hour

on contract (min. 1 x per month) € 50,- per hour
3 massage in 1 hour

in my praktice:

€ 25,00 per behandeling.

*Prices excl. 19% Taxes