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  • creativity

"If the Universe is a cosmic symphony, then we are the music and Healing is our ascending melody..."

"Colors are deeds of light that breaks" Martinus Nijhoff, 'Het licht'

Creativity brings you away from daily concerns closer to yourself. Painting, dance, music and words offer the possibility to express yourself. Creativity comes from the heart.

Some people find it hard to find the right words to express how they feel. Making something visually makes things clearer. Sometimes the process of creating something symbolically is healing in itself.
Besides that the “unconsciousness’ is getting visible too.

The creative outlets are: color and brushes, dancing and writing to fill your empty palette and create your new book of life.
You can choose out of drawing and painting, music and dance, fairy tales. From your creation the connection to daily life issues can evolve because the art work give insight and answer to problems you face.

  • Paint yourself free – Individual session

Problems of all kind? Learning something new about yourself? Experience them by creative outlet. You will get ‘home-work’ to complete. By doing them your experience will easier implement. If necessary partner and/or children can join a session after we decide together to do so.

  • Shaman tools creation

A shaman tool is a craft thing you make yourself – a new friend to accompany you on your way through life for a while. You choose a branch and all things you want to be on it. During the creation process unconscious feelings emerge to be experienced and to take place in your energy field. At the end of the day, when all shaman tools are ready we will initiate them in a ceremony and load them with the energy necessary for you.
Like a real tree, the shaman tool is a growing tool – meaning things you put on it can fall off because no longer necessary, or there are items on it you have to take off peace by peace or you find something that has to be on your tool. Your shaman tool is your friend and companion for a while.
Meditation, walking, family constellation work, creation, assistance, dialogue, initiation and exchange of experience are the parts of the workshop. On Saturday we will have a meal together. There is room for 1 person to stay overnight if wanted. Therefore I ask € 15,00 incl. breakfast.

Weekend starting Saturday 11:00 tot 16:00 and Sunday from11:00 tot 15:00
The door will be open from 10:00